The Fang Fighter


Last time we covered my one true love, the Tie Fighter. This week, we’ll discuss another one of my favorite ships, the mighty Fang Fighter. We’ll cover what’s new with the Fang Fighter in X-Wing Second Edition and explore a few options on how to load out your Fangs and list build with them.

The Tie Fighter and Fang Fighter have a few similarities. Both will be available immediately to new players in Wave 1 of 2.0. Both have efficient generic pilots that excel at jousting and blocking. Both have nimble dials and barrel rolls. However, the Fang adds powerful aces to its build options. Fenn Rau and Old Teroch won me a ton of games in 1.0 and they’ve both made the transition into 2.0. The Fang also comes with a pair of mid tier pilots, Joy Rekkoff and Kad Solus, that have very interesting pilot abilities. But let’s take a look at the basic chassis and the changes made to it in 2.0

zealous recruit

The dial and stat line stayed the exact same. Being one of the newer ships, the Fang didn’t need any updates there. The ship’s 1.0 title, Concord Dawn Protector, is now the baked in ship ability. However, it has received a bit of a tweak and no longer requires the two ships to be facing each other. Also, it only seems to work in the main arc of ships and not mobile arcs and it no longer adds an evade result, but changes one die rolled to an evade. The ship does come with two excellent linked action options. Both linked actions involve repositioning, either barrel or boost, linked to a focus. These linked action options plus the reworked Concordia Face Off ship ability have added some real punch to the low Initiative generic pilots. So how do you build all of these 2.0 Fang pilots to maximize on their capabilities?

First up, the generic pilot, the Zealous Recruit. Honestly, I think these babies are perfect as they are. With the baked in title and linked action options, they have all the tools a generic needs. Fangs love being at range 1 and being able to ensure getting there with a boost linked to a focus is brilliant.  Boosting and Barreling rolling into blocking positions at a low initiative, all while still getting a focus, will be key to maximizing their value too. In 1.0, you could fit 5 of these puppies in a list, but that was without the title or any extras. With the added ship ability and linked actions, I’m hypothesizing we’ll only be able to fit 4 Fangs together in 2.0. I’d also hazard a guess that three of the named pilots teamed together might be a super fun and competitive wave 1 list. Let’s look at the named Fang pilots next. 

Joy Rekkoff is a brand new pilot first showcased by the devs themselves in the demo games played at the world championships. Joy has an ordnance based ability and I think there’s two ways to approach her. The first approach would be to fly and load her out like any other Fang with the cheapest torpedo possible and an EPT suited for range 1 combat. We still have no idea on point costs of course, but taking whichever one ends up the cheapest just to trigger her ability. Joy’s reduction of green dice plus an EPT like crackshot, which should be way easier to trigger in the bullseye arc at range 1, could effectively cancel out an X-wing’s two green dice. That seems like some nice offense to me.

The alternative build for Joy would be to load her out like a long range sniper and actually fire her equipped torpedoes.. With Proton Torpedoes and Outmaneuver. Have her hang out range 3 and lob torpedoes to punishing effect. This option spends both torpedo charges in one attack, but dropping 4 damage, including a crit, might be worth it. Joy is still a Fang, and she can still dive in for Range 1 attack runs after her long range burst is spent.

This next pilot build is the one I’m most excited to try. Kad Solus keeps his 1.0 ability, but was always outshone by Old Teroch and Fenn Rau. However, the limited formats for wave 1, Kad will be a more attractive option. Elusive on Kad seems super fun. Dial in 5 straights to close in on your enemies, use your Concordia Face Off and Elusive to mitigate damage, then tallon roll back into the fight. The red maneuver not only grants 2 focus tokens with Kad’s ability, but also recharges the Elusive EPT. Kad could end up being a zooming monster, darting in and out of formations and turning around at will.

Old Teroch is the next named Fang pilot and is a legitimate ace at initiative 5. His ability is mostly unchanged from 1.0, where he was especially useful in hunting down token stacking ships like x7 defenders. With the overall reduction of action efficiency in 2.0, Old Teroch may not be as useful. He only shown brightest in specific metas, but his high initiative and powerful ship chassis may make him useful enough. Like a traditional Fang, Old Teroch thrives in range 1. I’d suggest using him with Fearless and really double down on that play style.

Lastly we come to Fenn Rau, Skull Squadron Leader and true ace. I’d argue that Fenn’s ability is one of the best in both 1.0 and 2.0. With offensive and defensive abilities facing a more evened approach in 2.0, Fenn still keeps his ability to chuck 5 attack dice at range 1. He is a true offensive threat that can blast himself out of a lot of hairy situations. I think any EPT will work for Fenn. His prominent days in 1.0 came during the rise of the list known as Paratanni. This list relied on Attani Mindlink to provide focus for the whole squad. This usually left Fenn free to boost or barrel as needed as he always had a focus provided from a linked teammate. Multiple aspects of this list were nerfed into oblivion in 1.0 and we’ve yet to see signs of Attani Mindlink for 2.0. However, the Fang’s linked actions provide Fenn with the two things he ever needed, one focus token and a reposition action. I predict that Fenn Rau will be a true danger to T-65’s and Tie Fighters alike in 2.0.


I can’t wait to get point costs and the app so we can truly dig into how many of these beautiful starfighters that we can squeeze into a list. The Firespray, the other wave 1 scum ship, is also an intriguing list building puzzle piece. What will come out on top for the early scum meta? 3 Fang aces? 2 Fangs and a Firespray? Kath Scarlett plus generic fangs? Just Boba and Fenn Rau? A two ship list sounds crazy to me, but these all sound like a blast to try out.

Until next time,

Cheers and happy hunting.

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