Refitted Renegades


My last few posts have all been focused on X-Wing Second Edition and I had plans to write about the  2.0 rebels next. However the announcement of the release date of wave 14, June 21, has me excited one last time for 1.0. There is one last Store Championship season left for 1.0, so I know most people will want to send it off with a bang. So let’s explore the fun new list building options brought to us in Saw’s Renegades.

I know many players are excited for the Tie Reaper as a new Palpatine carrier, but I’m going to focus on the updates to the T-65 X-Wing in Saw’s Renegades. The new upgrade for the torpedo slot, the Renegade Refit, brings a 2 point cost reduction to the T-65. Much of the hype about this card is that you can now fit 5 T-65s into one list. Yet even this simple generic spam has two options.

The first option is the Rookie Pilot with a one point astromech, most likely Flight Assist Astromech, and Integrated Astromech. Along with the new s-foils, this list gives you 5 ships with the options to both boost and barrel roll in the same activation stress free.

The second option uses the new Cavern Angels Zealot generic pilot. The lowest PS ever to have an EPT slot, the immediate reaction is to throw Crackshot on them en masse. However, the EPT slot comes with a point increase for the pilot. In order to fit 5 of the Zealots together, you have to leave out the astromech and free health of the integrated astromech. So this option has slightly lower pilot skill and health, but trades that for increased offense with crackshot. 5 ships with 3 attack dice and crackshot is a ton of firepower if you can wrangle that many ships on target.

Both of these options would require buying multiple sets of Saw’s Renegades, so what are some other options to utilize the contents of one single ace pack? From the preview article it seems that the pack will have enough upgrade cards to utilized 3 refitted and s-foil’d T-65s. So let’s build around this assumption.

So first up, we will stick to a generic swarm list.

  • Rookie Pilot T-65 x3
  • Bandit Sqd Z-95 all with Thread Traders x3

I consider it dirt simple, but puts a bunch of ships on the table at your disposal. It is just 3 rookie T-65s and 3 Z-95s with Thread Tracers. The Zs can provide some blocking and action efficiency with their Thread Tracers. The X-wings bring the offensive firepower and health. If you’ve never flown 6 ships together before, this would be a fun list to try it out with. The biggest threat to this list would Trajectory Simulator and launched bombs. However, the list is not required to fly in tight formation and should hopefully have the red dice to take down an H-6 bomber quickly enough. Luckily, these types of threats will  be greatly diminished in 2.0 and the lessons learned from flying these many ships together will carry over. 

I love the rebel list archetype FSR, or four ship rebels. The list revolves around defensive abilities and tight formation flying. Some find this style boring and plodding, but I thoroughly enjoy the mental puzzle solving it takes to keep the ships in formation to best employ all of their thematic and synergistic abilities. Since the T-65 is now cheaper, what if we turned this list into a 5 ship list.

  • Cavern Angels Zealot w/ Selflessness and Flight Assist Astromech
  • Cavern Angels Zealot w/ Draw Their Fire and Chopper Astromech
  • Rookie Pilot w/ Flight Assist Astromech
  • Captain Rex
  • Ezra in the Sheathipede w/ R3-A2, Gunner, and Adaptability

This list a bit of everything. Selflessness, Draw Their Fire, Captain Rex, and shield regen with Chopper bring the defensive abilities. Stress Ezra is absolute beast of a control piece. I prefer the Gunner version, but you can easily switch that out for the Snap Shot variant. Offensively, its still 5 ships and can throw 13 red dice down range. That will eventually wear down any target.

But that’s enough of the generics, lets build a list with a proper T-65 ace in it.

  • Wes Janson w/ Veteran Instincts and R3-A2
  • Lowhhrick w/ Lightning Reflexes, Rey, and Tactician
  • Captain Rex
  • Fenn Rau w/ Adaptability and Hotshot Co-polot

Continuing with the proper FSR theme, Wes Janson is now cheap enough to drop into the list. Usually Jess Pava takes this spot and is the lone offensive threat of the list. Wes instead provides a high PS threat, his wonderful token striping ability, and still does have a primary weapon value of 3. Combined with stress control, Fenn Rau’s ability, and Hotshot Co-pilot, your opponents should never have use of their actions or tokens. It may not do too much damage, but the list is designed to hopefully not take much either. The idea here is to stay in formation and outlast your opponent. It’s a very grinding, yet effective style. 


As you can see, I enjoy putting lots of ships on the table and the jousting play style. But which of these variants is the best? Perhaps I should run these against each other and see if the pure numbers of a 6 ship list can overwhelm the defensive capabilities of the FSR variants. Yet the real important question is which of the lists is the most fun to play? As competitive as I can be, the swan song of 1.0 should be all about fun. I think the 5 ship FSR variant is what I’m most excited to try out for this final Store Championship season, but even if all these lists are terrible, seeing this many T-65s on the table is going to be a blast. 

But that’s all for this week,

Cheers and happy hunting.



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